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Tube Squaring and Facing Machine

/ Supplier And Exporter

Facing Beveling Bits Collet/OD Mounting Saddles VG (Front View) VG (Back View)
Facing Beveling Bits Collet/OD Mounting Saddles VG (Front View) VG (Back View)
VG, the portable tube squaring machine is specially designed to flatten and bevel tube end, making it burr-free, and perfect straight to the axis of the tube. After facing, the tube would be ready for orbital welding or other tube fabrication, ideal for high purity / high sanitary industry use, such as Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutics, Water treatment, Food, Semi-conductor industry etc.

Key Feature:
  Faces and Bevel most metals including stainless steel, nickel and carbon steels, , chrome, copper-nickel alloy, aluminum
  Wide range of collets (clamp)/ OD Mounting Saddles available, to avoid any tube distortion
  Three SquareDevil model available, to work on tube from 1/8” OD to 4 1/2” OD
  High quality collets made from stainless steel rather than aluminum
  Can face and bevel tube wall thickness up to 10mm
  120/220 V powerful Metabo electrical motor
  Micro feed system
  Supply full range of beveling and squaring are available

Model Pipe 
OD (inch)
OD (mm)
Max Wall 
RPM Drive Motor Input Power Weight (kg)
VG-1.5 0.125”-1.5” 3.175-38.1 4 400 Metabo,110/220v 1020w 4
VG-2.0 0.1875”-2” 4.76-50.8 10 160 Metabo,110/220v 1020w 11
VG-4.5 0.25”-4.5” 6.35-114.3 10 140 Metabo,110/220v 1020w 19
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