Rust Rescue Stainless Steel Rust Removal

Rust Rescue Stainless Steel Rust Removal

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Rust Rescue ™ provides supplementary protection in corrosive environments and also on the pitted stainless steel.

Rust Rescue ™ Stainless Steel Rust Removal :

Even stainless steel is frequently susceptible to corrosion, which can affect stainless-steel tools, appliances, grills, tanks, sinks, railings, boat components, sculptures, and other items. Corrosion can range from light tea staining discolouration to thick, flaky rust. The use of the proper rust removal solution can both remove and prevent rust on stainless steel.

Stainless steel can be rusted out in a variety of ways, including by utilising various abrasives, chemicals, blasting, grinding, and other techniques. Nevertheless, using these techniques does not help to solve the problem of preventing further corrosion of stainless steel.

The stainless-steel surface may be kept clean and beautiful for a longer time thanks to CitriSurf™ Citric acid's ability to complete both jobs in a single treatment. CitriSurf products make it simple, rapid, and effective to passivate stainless steel.

The Rust Rescue ™ product is the substance that seeps into any pits, holes, fissures, or other deep surface characteristics to help shield them from moisture and air that might cause corrosion. In order to prevent fresh rust from seeping out of the pits and onto the surface, Rust RescueTM products are especially useful in extremely corrosive conditions and when pit corrosion has already taken place.

How to use Rust Rescue ™ product.
The stainless should be firstly cleaned and passivated using CitriSurf. Rust Rescue can be applied after the surface is completely dried. CitriSurf should first be used to clean and passivate the stainless. Upon thorough drying of the surface, Rust Rescue can be used.

• For operational areas where it is preferred to spritz the product onto a specific location
• Gelled version for large objects or areas, vertical surfaces, weld joints, pipe systems, and bulk numbers of parts.