CitriSurf Citric Acid Passivation System / Supplier And Exporter

CitriSurf Citric Acid Passivation System / Supplier And Exporter

Vishes Global is the Authorized Dealer of CitriSurf Products for Pan India.

Traditionally, stainless steel has been passivated by submerging it in a bath of nitric acid. This procedure is not only ecologically unfavourable, but also dangerous. For safer and simpler manufacturing processes as well as corrosion protection, Stellar Solutions offers a full range of stainless-steel passivation solutions that meet several industry standards, such as ASTM A967, A380, and AMS 2700

Product range of CitriSurf ®:

CitriSurf ® : Citric acid-based cleaning and passivation solutions that replace the old nitric acid methods

Rust Rescue ™ : Provides additional protection in corrosive environments and on pitted stainless steel,especially suitable for architectural applications.

Weld Wizard ™ : Alternative to hazardous nitric/HF acid pickling for removing the heat discolorations aroundwelds and is a safe solution to use with electro-chemical weld cleaners.

"CitriSurf is a registered trademark of Stellar Solutions, Inc., McHenry, IL USA".

Complimentary cleaning agent:

SynClean HD Cleaner is a patented synthetic detergent cleaner for cleaning stainless steel before surface treatment and passivation processes. SynClean HD may be used as a CIP cleaner, in a bath or spray andwipe. SynClean HD has NSF approval, FDA Approved as Safe (GRAS), USDA Authorization A1, A2, A3, A4, A7, A8, C2and has approvals for interior &exterior cleaning of aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

SynClean HD is a direct replacement for sodium hydroxide and is a non-emulsifying cleaner with high rinse ability. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Use of Surface Treatment chemicals and cleaning agents:

Both the welding process and the servicing of welding equipment depend heavily on welding chemicals and cleaning agents. Some common types and uses of Welding chemicals and cleaning agents like Flux, Anti Spatter agents, Welding Cleaners, Pickling Paste, Degreasers, Rust Converters are widely used in the Industrial sector.

CitriSurf Products and SynClean HD are important technologies for surface treatment in the stainless-steel industry and all users of stainless steel.

• Flux: Flux, a welding chemical, is utilized in many different welding techniques, including soldering and arc welding. By eliminating contaminants from the metal surfaces, it aids in reducing oxidation and encouraging the creation of a clear, robust weld. In soldering applications, Flux is frequently utilized to increase the solder's wetting and strengthen the connection.

• Anti-Spatter Agents: During welding, anti-spatter chemicals are used to stop molten metal droplets, or spatter, from sticking to nearby surfaces. By using anti-spatter chemicals on workpieces, welding guns,and adjacent surfaces, spatter may be easily removed, minimizing the need for post-weld cleaning, and averting equipment damage.

• Welding Cleaners: The purpose of welding cleansers is to clean surfaces that are going to be welded of impurities including oxidation, grease, and grime. Clean surfaces is mandatory for producing welds of superior quality. Prior to welding, welding cleaners are used to guarantee correct fusion and lower the possibility of weld flaws.

• Pickling Paste: Pickling paste is an acidic substance used to passivate and clean stainless steel as well as other alloys resistant to corrosion. It leaves a clean, corrosion-resistant surface on stainless steel by eliminating oxides, scales, and other contaminants from the surface after welding. This guarantees the lifetime of the welded structure and aids in preventing corrosion.

• Degreasers: Typically, SynClean HD may be used before welding or other chemical treatment processes for stainless steel. Oils and grease are removed from metal surfaces with the use of Degreasers. Welding of lowquality might result from sticky and oily surfaces. By keeping the welding area free of impurities, degreasershelp to improve adhesion and create stronger welds.

• Rust Removal: CitriSurf has liquid and gel formulas for the removal of surface rust and passivation of stainless steels. CitriSurf 77 Plus is a spray and wipe formula, whereas CitriSurf 2310 Gel allows the product to hold on vertical surfaces and have a longer surface contact time for heavier rusted areas.

• Passivation Solutions: CitriSurf has a wide range of tailored formulations to provide passivation for all grades of stainless steel, either for CIP Passivation (clean in place) or in passivation baths, including ultrasonic baths NSF Registrations apply to CitriSurf 3050, CitriSurf 2210 Gel, CitriSurf 2250, CitriSurf 77, CitriSurf 77 Plus, CitriSurf 8050 (derouging solution) and CitriSurf 2310 Gel (rust removal &passivation