Metarc ARC Welder / Supplier And Exporter

Metarc TIG 200A Supplier And Exporter

Light, Industrial, Classical DC... Devoted in Welding Stainless Steel.


Package includes:
• Inverter Power Source
• TIG Torch 4m
• Earth Clamp 3m
• Tungsten Electrode, cerium-tungsten

Optional Accessories:
• Electrode holder 3m
• Welding Cart
• Helmet

• Post flow adjustable
• Success rate of Arc striking is up to more than 99%

Technical Data :

Model Input Voltage/
Phase / Frequency
Output current/ Voltage
/Duty cycle (400 °c)
Amps input at
Rated output
Output range / OCV Dimension Weight (kg)
TIG 200A 220V/1P/50-60hz TIG: 200A/18V/30% 140A/15.6V/100%
MMA: 170A/26.8V/30% 310A/25.2V/100%
TIG: 31A@200A
MMA: 35A@170A
TIG: 10-200A/58V
MMA: 10-170A/58V
402*160*300 9